Measure your Heartrate, on your PC

FitbitHRtoWS allows you to connect your Fitbit to your PC over Websockets to measure your Heartrate with Fitbit's HRM (HeartRateMonitor) API. This data can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as measuring HR while Exercising, measuring HR for analytical purposes, and more reasons I can't think of at the top of my head...

Flexible for Use Cases

FitbitHRtoWS provides both WebSockets and a REST API for getting Fitbit's data. This eliminates the use of needing SDKs to pull data and adds compatibility across multiple applications. All that's needed is a simple WebSocket library or an API request to get client data.

Viewing Data, Made Easy

Current data is shown on the website provided, and the website can be opened to the public for others to view.

* Opening ports to the world should only be done over HTTPS and WSS* It is not recommended to open ports globally without the proper security

Open Source

All code can be viewed and PR'ed on GitHub, for the purpose of extensions or contributions to the Repo.

* Node.JS Required* A Fitbit Developer account is Required to Build from Source