Who am I?

Hello! My name is 200Tigersbloxed, or Tiger(s) for short. I'm a 18 year old whose hobbies are Software Engineering and Reverse Engineering.

I am proficient in C# (.NET/Mono/IL2CPP [sorta]), JavaScript (Node.JS), and LuaU. I have also used PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Currently, for Reverse Engineering, I only know C# tools, like dnSpy, Cpp2IL, etc. I can read JavaScript code well as long as it's neat, and I've used the Synapse X LuaU Decompiler for local scripts.

Personally, I'm also a VR Enthusiast, which you'll see, some of my projects are VR related. I like to play games like VRChat, Neos, and Beat Saber. Out of all of them though, Beat Saber is my favorite =]