Customize It How You Want To

The point of DesktopRPC is to be as customizable as possible. The easy-to-edit config.json file allows all this customization to take place. Editing the json file requires little knowledge to do, all you need to know is JSON formatting (which you could find a 5 minute tutorial on how to do). As for the program itself, it runs on Node.JS, so some Terminal experience is required to use it, but again, you can find a quick 5 minute tutorial on how to work Node.JS, and install and use instructions are in the

Add Discord Presence to any of Your Apps

Allowing customapps to make any app have customizable rich presence, and pre-constructed apps built-in including common web browsers (including, but not limited to Chrome, Edge [new one], and Brave), Discord, and Office365 apps.

Exclusions allow apps that already have RPC support to use their own RPC, rather than it be overridden by DesktopRPC.

(Image of Built-In Discord Presence)

Sometimes, you just need Privacy

DesktopRPC includes a Private Mode to where Application Descriptions won't be shared over the RPC. This is beneficial for built-in apps you don't have control over, if you don't want to share any information about what you're doing.

(Image of Private Mode In Action)[Normally, "Private Mode" would be replaced with the Browser Tab's Name]

Get it on GitHub

DesktopRPC is 100% Open-Source and anyone is free to edit the source to improve their experience or to contribute to the Repo.

* Node.JS required